Changes are a-comin in 2020!
As of now, my Movement & Meditation class is celebrating two years of coming into being. This class was born out of my desire to integrate breath, mind and body into the present moment. It was transformative for me personally, and it has been an honor to share it with others over the past two years.

As my journey continues, new adventures have presented themselves. In April 2019, I learned how to facilitate an amazing dance class called Groove. This class takes all I have been practicing to the next level! This is what my soul has been searching for. After the training, I practiced with wonderful family and friends. I was asked to bring my Groove Dance Experience to the Yoga Farm, in Ithaca New York. Through their incredible generosity, I was able to complete my Groove training. As of March 2020, I am an Official Groove Facilitator!  

Also in April 2019, I
 attended a conference to become a consultant of Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method. You may have heard of Marie Kondo through her book, “The Magic Art of Tidying”, or her Netflix series, “Tidying Up”. Her method has changed my life (and that of my family), and now I will learn how to help others do the same. This falls perfectly in line with my desire to spread the magic of simplifying. Stay tuned, as I will need eager helpers for this too!

Currently I am enrolled in the Yoga Farm's Radiant Warrior Yoga Teacher Training.
I can't wait to bring that to you as well. Hopefully in 2020!

With all these exciting, new prospects on the horizon, I have decided I will step back from Belief Empowers for the time being. I want to recharge, reset and be ready for the next iteration of Belief Empowers. This means I will not be holding my Movement & Meditation classes on Saturdays, or my Movement & Celebration classes on M,W,Sat. I will also pause my social media and blog posts as well.


You will still have access to my blog posts and free downloadable meditation on this website, and you can also find the  "Mindfulness Moments" on my you tube channel. If you haven't already subscribed to the website and received your FREE GIFT, do it now! All these tools are here to help support you in your journey to stillness and true connection.

All my love and belief,


I'm on a break. Stay tuned for all the cool new stuff around the corner!

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This is a class born out of my dedication to learning, growing and self-care. 

You will experience 30 minutes of gentle movement; integrating breath, mind and body. Ending with 30 minutes of guided meditation. Located in a beautiful & tranquil setting.

All levels welcome. Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a yoga mat, h2o & friends.

350 Hurd Road, Ithaca NY

$5 suggested donation


I'm on a break. Stay tuned for all the cool new stuff around the corner.

Subscribe to the website for a FREE GIFT from me & also be notified of the new classes!


I decided to start offering a space for people when I realized the healing power of dance. I always wanted a judgement-free zone to move and celebrate my body. Now I want to open up my safe space to others who want to do the same!

Join me as we celebrate in our amazing bodies and discover the healing power of movement.

All levels welcome. Wear comfortable clothing and bring h2o & friends.

350 Hurd Road, Ithaca NY

$5 suggested donation