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M&M&Em #12 What if there were no numbers? No age. No weight on the scale. No clothing sizes.

I love posing “what if” questions to myself and others. We take things that “are”, and wonder how things would change if they no longer “were”. Let’s explore this, shall we? Numbers. Firstly, numbers are a construct humans created to form comparisons and track things. To keep account. To assign value. Why is a dollar bill worth 100 cents? The bill isn’t actually “worth” anything. It’s worth 100 cents, because the government says it is, and everyone in our society accepts this. We all agree this is the case. Without this agreement, money would cease to be legal tender for goods and services. This concept can be transferred to other forms of measurement too. Let’s look at time. Some philosophize that time is a theoretical and social construct. Some have said, “Time doesn’t exist, only clocks exist”. It’s possible to say that not only is the measurement of time created by humans, but it’s actually possible that time may not even exist. Crazy right? I love this stuff! Let’s pull in the ideas of age, body weight and clothing size; to bring this closer to home. I picked these forms of measurement, because I have observed they can cause people upset, fear, negative talk and stress. These numbers make it easy to compare ourselves with others and find out how everyone measures up. What if we could change our perspective on these numbers? What if we could control our attachment to the value of them? The good news is, I think we can! As I’ve stated, numbers have value because we are taught they do, and we agree with what we’ve been taught. Sometimes numbers are helpful. However, often numbers can be vehicles for pain and suffering. What if your age didn’t affect you? What if you could remove your attachment to the impact of that number? Same with your weight. What if you didn’t have an emotional connection to your weight? How would things shift for you? What about your clothing size? What if instead of your size being a number, you were a size; “gorgeous”, “radiant”, “beautiful”, “ethereal”, or “peaceful”? I am working to become more aware of my emotional responses to age, weight and size. As my birthday approaches, I am considering how it makes me feel. I am asking myself why it makes me feel how it does. I realize that as I find the answers to these questions, I can create the type of relationship I want with my age. The same goes for my relationship with my weight. Do I really want to use this number to abuse myself? Make myself feel unworthy or unlovable? As I have stepped back and explored my emotional attachment to my weight, I discovered I have almost always thought I “should” lose weight. All the way back to the age of 15 or 16. Did I need to then? Or did certain scale numbers have a certain value in society, that I succumbed to? I definitely formed an agreement that a certain weight and size were acceptable, and others were not. Let’s start a new movement! My age is now perfect, my weight is glorious and my size is radiant. with love & belief, emilie